Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Mustang dally

Well, I gave thanks for the sunshine yesterday... but today I've been grateful for cloud, as I've had a good run (though not actually involving running obviously) and now it feels as if I might have run a great distance...or possibly been run over.

I give for nothing very important to do...nor anything very pleasurable. For having two deliveries, one in the morning and one in the afternoon so I had to get up... and stay up too, dallying as much as I could bear and creeping through some bits of this and that in between times.  I give thanks for pinching about an inch from a couple of pairs of linen trousers so my body can be discerned beneath, and making a start on a cardigan fastening that has so far not proved as tecnically challenging as I feared, though my hands keep seizing up so it's not that easy either...

I give thanks for my new comfy and colourful Mustang pumps, and lots of fresh veg on special offer from Mr Tesco. For making a mistake and ordering much more smoked cheddar than I thought I had, as I love smoked cheddar a lot, and it was on special offer too!

Monday, 22 May 2017

On the bright side

I give thanks I got a snap of these pimped up scooters yesterday before they buzzed off elsewhere somewhere. There were some impressive motorbikes at the other side of the event, and the segregation interested me. Though far too young for it to be of any relevance I remember the playground question were you a mod or a rocker and, seeing the appeal of each, I could never quite make up my mind, though the correct establishment answer that they were both beyond the pale was clearly never going to cross my mind!

In manifestly manipulated manifesto time, the issue of making apparently important distinctions and choices and then demonising those who have made different ones gives me the shudders. I give thanks anyone I know given to political (or religious) ranting knows better than to rant at me!

I give thanks my brief foray into the academics of anthropology mean I understand that to reinforce the sense of belonging in any group one must identify (and probably vilify) those who are outside it, but the taking of sides seems so often a precursor to the taking up of arms verbally if not literally. I give thanks for my perennial tendency for multifaceted opinion...no matter how exasperating others may find it sometimes.

Meanwhile, on the bright side, I give thanks for sunshine warm enough to take off my jacket and roll up my trouser legs. For enjoying one of those 'Aren't we lucky to live here?' chats for some minutes with a stranger on the back beach before we realised we actually knew each other, though largely only by phone! For popping in to knitting and seeing Dorothy who I've not had a chance to talk to for such a long time. For a potter round our friendly shops and businesses wearing pearls, baseball boots and a silly grin because it really is such a joy to be here, especially when summer arrives before the visitors do!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Classic weekend

On Friday afternoon when shopkeepers were saying to me 'have a good weekend!' I had to repress the urge to respond that I don't really have them the way other people do...and I give thanks that I did as in actual fact I did!

I give thanks for being brought these gorgeous mulitcoloured tulips, for going out to see classic cars, motorbikes and multi mirrored Lambrettas on the green, for talking to people I've not seen for a while, people I saw the day before...and meeting some entirely new people entirely outside a riverside pub in the Sunday afternoon sunshine. I give thanks for baker's cake and fresh raspberries and deli hummus with some handy leftover rice and salad...For an early night on the way after a late one yesterday.

I give thanks for the folk who still take the time to look at my blog. It feels as if I must write it come what may, but reading is voluntary of course, and I never cease to wonder and be humbled that people actually do!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

First class post

I give thanks for being quite pleased with some of my post collected yesterday (though the vacuum packed bikini puzzled me when I felt the flat but crinkly hard packet )...and I give thanks for being very pleased with the rest of it, including two second hand tops bartered for on ebay that were nicer than I imagined, plus a letter confirming a hospital appointment rearranged for more than two months ahead. I'd called to cancel the one a few weeks away as I might (fingers very crossed) have the chance to be away myself, but when they'd asked was the next available date OK I'd said 'Fine by me as long as it's OK with the consultant' and they'd said they'd check. I know I'm very fortunate to be in this position, but so many years of having to turn up to see various people and explain I feel much better than they say I should does sometimes seem a tedious waste of my time as well as theirs...

I give thanks for eating far too much deli cake and curling up on the sofa with Jake (Gyllenhall in a movie on TV).

I give thanks for not having anything planned for today, and then getting stuck into a two day plan to reorganise the cupboard under the stairs for what really ought to be the last time til things get taken out forever...or, failing that, til when I need thermals and fur lined boots again. I give thanks for jolly good sorts...including Mima who offered to disrupt this scheme by taking me out this afternoon (and to the tip - woohoo!) and Colin who prescribed more cake and a nap before he comes round later. For thus happily shovelling all as yet unsorted parts back into the cupboard with those that have been done, going forth and tipping and shopping and sharing Costa treats.

I give thanks for finding just the neighbour I wanted to ask about another neighbour, finding out she wanted to ask me something herself and that he was OK. For a Higgedy pie waiting for my tea...and, because I do sometimes do what doctors say, maybe a little snooze on the way.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Wet paint

Well, I've been in a bit of a low mood the last couple of days so I'd decided not to expect too much from the first viewing of my flat...but the one thing I didn't expect was that it would be cancelled. So hmm...I guess I'm grateful I wasn't hoping for great things, and that I got up a bit earlier than I might have done and cleaned and tidied the place a lot more than I might have done even if it all turned out to be travail to no avail.

I felt a bit lost and at a loss after the estate agent called...um, so I give thanks I've plenty of practice at that. And that I couldn't sit about twiddling my thumbs as my hands are still pretty sore... I give thanks for getting a load of laundry done instead, that I wouldn't have wanted hanging around with people looking around the place...and for my washing machine obviously!

I give thanks for going out in the rain which I thought would suit my mood as there'd be less shiny happy people about (I want others to be having a better time than me, of course I do, but I don't always want to watch or listen!) I give thanks for being able to see waves spreading over the sand, not holidaymakers, for the Coastwatch second hand book box with its special plastic cover so you can see which 50p bargains you might like even in bad weather, and for shops and businesses being quiet and free of queues.

I give thanks for getting wet - I'd forgotten how exhilarating it can be! And that I'd worn a padded coat as a little bit cold is good too, but any colder would not have been fun. That after this morning's disappointment it reminded me to give thanks for the privilege of a home to go to to appreciate this as a luxury...and for not having the luxury of a car or I probably wouldn't get it! I give thanks when I went out in the much less torrential rain a couple of days ago I managed to take a photo of this very weathered bus stop seat I'm continuingly grateful is not renovated as I see such beauty in its ever increasing decrepitude. Biased much? Yeah, probably!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Hand signals

Yikes, I wish I hadn't tried to play my guitar and knit in the same day! Oh no, it's meant to be a gratitude blog isn't it? I mean I give thanks this is a very rare occurrence now...probably the first time in a dozen years or so. And probably won't happen again for my hands' sake...if not for my heart's...

I give thanks for forgetting to turn the hot water off after the washing and washing up last night, so I could have a second bath lying in the water and trying not to move them for the worst bit. I give thanks if I keep them still it really does help with the pain...if nothing else...

For emerging in time to see the end of a lovely sunset. For the bright moonlight later. For vivid wish fulfilment dreams...though they left me wistfully wishing for fulfilment all day. I give thanks it was a day of too much soreness and stuckness for anything much beyond wistfulness and wishing it away any way. For the pink pearl sea at sunset and the colours in the sky.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Fire and rain

I give thanks a flat I've had my eye on for a while is back on the market...not that I'm in a position to buy it yet but it's nice when you get the feeling the universe might be giving you a second chance. The universe is giving me a second chance to think about sciatic nerve paths, and I have to admit I'm not quite so grateful about that...but there'd been no improvement for taking it easier yesterday so I give thanks for feeling so fired up today I have to take (at least some) action anyway. Besides, the leak bucket needed emptying and some cross photos sending to people who are supposed to be getting the roof fixed. I give thanks no one has wanted to come and see my own flat today ... but for sending some ferocious mental pleas to powers that be beyond our ken to start some balls rolling please...

We all have some struggle and challenge in life I guess, and I give thanks for being brought up to know most people don't give a flying whatever about most other people's feelings. Yes, you can pay someone to sit in a room with you for fifty minutes and pretend but...nah! And here in stiff upper lip land we are taught to drink alcohol and take antidepressants to soften the blows but....nah to that as well! Oh well, I give thanks my own favourite therapies are really quite hard to come by these days or I'm sure I'd be tempted to overindulge...Today I really felt the need to play guitar but remembered I've only written one song so far suitable for my manual limitations so there's something else to overcome. We shall, you know, we shall...

I give thanks for the bright seed pods on the mimosa tree. For taking a bus ride in the rain to try on some shoes for when it's dry...and mercilessly hunting them down on the internet when neither he local shop nor many a website had a pair in the right size and colour. For forgetting my walkman and being reminded how essential it is to have one to survive travelling on public transport alone...

Oh...and when I'd nearly finished writing this, for getting a call from the estate agent to book a viewing in a couple of days. I give thanks for feeling the cosmos actually paid attention earlier on :-)
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