Sunday, 17 December 2017

New end to my talents

Woohoo! I give thanks I've taught myself a useful new skill - putting a coax connector on the end of aerial cable. True, it's not particularly technical, and as it's my first time and I lack a pair of wire cutters neither is it neat, but I'm pleased that it works slightly better than before. There's yards of it, old and kinked, so I intend to work backwards until I find a bit that doesn't still require jiggling in the socket, but at least I no longer have to stand my TV box up on its front on the carpet to get a signal through. As it stands now (the right way up and in the right place) I could actually watch catch up...if I hadn't pretty much used my internet allowance up this month already downloading software for my new laptop. And I haven't even got to the crossword compiler yet...

Hmm, what else? For managing to stay mostly warm and, if not upbeat, at least up and about, not beating myself up and being mildly productive. It's not a very merry time for a lot of folk,  dark days both meteorologically and metaphorically. I give thanks for trying to stay grateful, and for being grateful rather than green eyed there are those for whom it's a season of warmth and celebration. I give thanks for half making my bed with clean linen - easier on the arms and the overloaded drying facilities to split it this way. Oh and for making whisky liqueur butter for tomorrow's there's no brandy in the cupboards you see!

I give thanks for the neighbours not being too noisy, though a pigeon spent a chunk of the afternoon on staring in from the windowsill making me feel rather intruded upon!

Which reminds me - I give thanks for finding these anthropomorphically amusing photographs

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Warm as coast

I wanted so much to go out for a walk today... So I give thanks for persuading my aches and pains this was a good idea and persuading Mima to take me somewhere just right to do it! For the bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine making such pleasing shadows.. and for all the other people not there enjoying it which made it all the better. For finding something tasty and mutually agreeable to share for lunch just as it started clouding over, and getting back to town just as the day turned drizzly and grey...

I give thanks for a lift home from Waitrose with some shopping - always a welcome treat! For coping as best I can with the always conundrum of how to get things done without causing myself too much pain, and the midwinter one of how to keep warm whether I do stuff or not. Calories help but going into the kitchen is like opening the freezer I give thanks for a plenty of strategic planning. I give thanks for a card and a little gift from Ann...I'm particularly glad I put my tiny tree up now as I could place it underneath...

Friday, 15 December 2017

Cream of the drop

I give thanks for the blessing of having a bath and being able to use it! It's my one real decadence but can compensate for all manner of other lacks and losses, sorrows and pains and warms me up on a chilly winter's, though indulgent, kind of useful too, I guess. I give thanks for my new shower head comfortably reaching my head of hair when I wash it over the bath. All those years it didn't...mind you I didn't have hair for all of them! I give thanks for my's much easier not having any, I must admit, but I do prefer to, and I also give thanks for the great good fortune of not minding too much what it looks like. Less heart searching, more pennies saved...more dosh to spend on a hot splosh at the end of the day.

I give thanks I don't buy decadent face cream, especially as I managed to bounce a new jar with the lid off around the bedroom earlier today. Oh well, no wrinkles in the carpet now...nor the wallpaper, mirror or chest of drawers!

I give thanks for Christine whisking me off to see her new abode and man this morning.  Lovely to catch up with her, and sit chatting by a blazing fire. Lovely to know there are people who find people who think they are just right just the way they are. Goodness knows why I've always failed so resoundingly at this, but long may others continue to succeed.

I give thanks for a lift back down to town to briskly walk round the shops in the bitter wind and bright sunshine. For finding a big ovenglass casserole going cheap in a closing down sale. For believing one day I might need it. For a cab to carry me, this and the rest of the shopping back up the hill, leftovers to eat and a sofa to curl up on with a hot water bottle and quilt. I had plans for the rest of the day but my body needed rest. I give thanks this didn't inconvenience or disappoint anyone but myself.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Mostly harmless

I give thanks for finding the excellent 3 parter The Widower tucked away late on ITV3. Good acting and true story of dastardly deeds in rather lovely parts of the world, so several favourite boxes ticked. Watching the end of it was very relaxing at the end of an evening trying very hard to fix all kinds of things myself - with varying degrees of success.

I was tired today so I give thanks for being able to take it easy. For fixing some stuff not actually broken, like putting up a few seasonal decorations. I don't always bother when there's no one to see but me but, though not feeling in any way festive, I'd a yen for some sparkle about. I give thanks for this being a soothing way to spend part of the day while listening to radio drama.

I give thanks for keeping mostly warm... and mostly cheerful. For eating mostly allowed things to eat...and for a chocolate biscuit as a treat!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

NTE5 4 3

Nobody said it was easy, so I thought that it was hard. I give thanks I now have a new full length shower hose and fully attached bought in town here and fitted by me more easily than I tie a shoelace! If I'd realised quite how simply and cheaply a long running problem could be solved I'd have done it a long time ago...but I'm very grateful nonetheless.

Less successful, but I still give thanks for persevering with the on line checks for my broadband problem, including losing the connection every time the system tested my line of course, and grovelling in a dark corner to try the router in the test socket. When I finally got to online chat I give thanks for being polite when the advisor told me very longwindedly he couldn't do anything as his systems were down. This I figured was some sort of karmic retribution for all the torture I've inflicted on similarly afflicted souls in the past.

I give thanks for applying the same attitude to the young girl practising her rapping next door, although in my case it would have been some other sort of singing that blighted the ears of the neighbourhood. Not so much as the yappy whiney dog tho. I give thanks for remembering I had a puppy that used to make a fuss when left alone so I must deserve that too!

Contunuing with this train of thought I was struggling to think of any joy I've brought to the world that might be paid back my way. Hmm...well I've made people laugh sometimes I suppose. Oh yes, so I give thanks for I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue returning the favour!

I give thanks for a belated birthday afternoon tea for Jenny with Mima - plenty of chat and calories to keep us warm on a damp dark day when the cold seeps into your bones...apart from that I've not been far from my hot water bottle and I've been very grateful for it...

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How sweet it is

I give thanks for dreaming I was telling some people exactly what I thought of them. That was the first thing I noticed when I awoke and my goodness, it felt good! In reality, even if folk are unkind, or that sneaky sort of kind that goes with being controlling, I still try to be (within reason) nice and compliant. It's not that I'm trying to make people like me - I've long since given up on that - it's more that I want them to like themselves, enjoy their lives and spread some joy around. I'm not good at conflict, someone always gets hurt and I give thanks I'm aware it's always going to be me even if I've 'won'!

The second thing I noticed today was how much I physically hurt. Curled up tight against the cold it was as if rigor mortis had set in when I tried to unbend myself.  I give thanks by lunchtime I was more or less mobile again...

I give thanks for my budget bloke's dressing gown which covers my chest so more cosily than a cheap woman's might. Read that any way you like, ha ha! For mugs of Co-op Earl Grey tea and plates of toast with Tesco three fruit marmalade (both from their fancy pants sections of course). For New Scientist to read for free from the library electronically...and recording plays from Radio 4 when the internet lets me as it can't be relied upon to let me use catch up any more. I give thanks for more problem solving with that - problem's not solved but I like it when I keep trying!

I give thanks for keeping on trying to keep myself fed flavoursomely within my dietary restrictions. I was so impressed with my paella dish yesterday, I made another dish that wasn't paella today...

Monday, 11 December 2017

Remaining present

No, nothing to do with seasonal gifts, given or received... I give thanks for keeping on trying to be in and aware of the present moment, despite the way one's mind wanders to worries and memories or wishes and plans.

I give thanks for starting the day quite sprightly and making it into town...though I got a little less so with everything I added to my bags, and I was very grateful for an unchained trolley at the supermarket so that even though I only needed a few extra bits and bobs I could put all the previous purchases in it and glide around more easily. For there being enough taxis to go round.

I give thanks for the warmth of people's greeting on such a chilly day. For chatting to those I knew better, and for the sun coming out which made it better still. For the way it illuminates different spots at different times of year. For finally using my little paella dish (though not for paella - that would be way too normal) and for vacuuming the kitchen floor which was beginning to look like a kitchen garden!
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