Monday, 17 July 2017

Out patient

I give thanks for emerging scathed but still standing from the morning's skirmishes with the adversity of other people's agendas... For going back to sleep every time the aches and pains woke me up in the night so that though still sore and weary in spirit today I didn't feel too bodily fatigued.

I give thanks for getting so exasperated waiting for a delayed call about a delayed meds delivery I decided to go out in the sun for a while to chase the inner clouds away...and ended up walking so far I ended up where there were hardly any people, and could have a long peaceful sit down to recuperate from life's tangled tapestries as well as the trek. For the way when the crowds thin there's a sense you are sharing space not competing for it. For walking on the cool sand smoothed by retreating waves...

I give thanks for somehow getting back and getting the in town chores and shopping done afterwards though that did result in feeling seriously pained and drained... so I was grateful for the jolly souls encountered and a cab ride home as well.

For steering clear of hospitals (so far) after reading my horoscope for the first time in a while and seeing the warning 'Be wary of shortcuts and watch for inpatient speech and actions' 

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