Thursday, 5 April 2018

Back for good

I give thanks for a busker offering a rather nice rendition of the above song in town here today. For the bright sunshine tempting me out though neither spirit nor flesh were especially keen, especially after the effort of getting ready! For taking the time to put extra layers on as the wind had no problems with keenness at all...

I give thanks for all the tourists about around here and the next town along. And for managing to find a couple of places in my travels they weren't (including, but not exvusively, Mima's courtyard garden!) For reminding myself they aren't back for good, and there'll be a little lull in the onslaught after the children go back to school again. Tourists are great, they mean the area stays alive between the summer months...but I find it much easier to live in the peacefulness and space when in of autumn, spring and winter.

I've just remembered I took my proper camera out today intending to spot some eyecatching something or other...but got completely sidetracked and never took it out of my bag. Oh well... Here's a snap of the fancy pants binding I found to attach my patchwork to the backing.


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