Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Three steps to heaven

Gosh, there are a lot of steps to making life more heavenly aren't there? I give thanks for trying my best with as many as I can... For trying to remain trustful that the future is unfolding the way it should. For asking the universe for equanimity whatever befalls me on the way... 

I give thanks for a beautiful morning, the sunlight on the fresh new leaves. For bustling about early and not beating myself up for having to go back to bed for a while. For not slamming down the phone in frustration at some 'free' financial advice so long winded (and free of pretty much any information of any use) I'm sure the chap was paid per word to waffle!

I give thanks for some progress on my patchwork bedspread before my hands seized up. For moving on the process of reorganising my living spaces too though, as is the way with this sort of thing, at the moment everywhere is now much more of a mess! I give thanks for food from the freezer for tea and a long flop in front of the TV planned for the evening. 

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