Saturday, 14 April 2018

Let's work together

I give thanks the paperback I bought for the princely sum of 50p yesterday is proving such a gripping read. I give thanks for finally forcing myself to put it down and get up this morning as my neighbour said she was coming round. No sign of her so far...but hey, it means I have a few chapters left!

I give thanks for finishing a general post op clean and tidy last night too for the same reason. I get to appreciate the effects anyway...My right arm did not appreciate the efforts, and complained even more when I tried a row of knitting, so I give thanks eventually it was up for machining together some patchwork squares this afternoon though cutting any more was out of the question.

Having finally more or less settled on the design, I give thanks I had enough of the right ones to start sewing a complete lengthways strip of blocks which feels like rather pleasing progress. I've tapped into a rich seam of potential frustration at others' behaviour the last few weeks and it's soothing to spend some time making chaos quietly by myself with fabric and then mending it again...And as it's been such a murky day it's been cheering to work with colours.

I give thanks for buying a reduced pack of choux buns yesterday and saving one for my 'afternoon tea' today...For a cunning menu of leftover bits and bobs for later so the kitchen should stay clean...

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