Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Good vibrations

I give thanks I can see the humour in my clumsiness. My right arm is becoming more mobile and less painful but still needs back up from my left which displays its stroke damage with slight but significant degrees of inaccuracy. Last night it managed to miss my mouth with a chunk of quorn and deliver it onto the carpet instead...and today, spooning out a rice dish, it came into contact with the side of the hot bowl, jerking away involuntarily and serving grains in a wide circle round the room! Both times, I promise you, I really did laugh out loud. Well, you have to sometimes eh?

I give thanks for a bit more energy and enthusiasm for life beyond merely preserving life, including sorting out a big bag of textiles for recycling, going up and down the tall ladder to change the washing drying on the ceiling rack (because hauling on ropes is currently banned) and even sewing half a dozen four and a half inch seams on the sewing machine! I give thanks it's performance enhancing drug day though, my system feels more than ready for its vital boost...

I give thanks for sorting out a little jaunt next month with Jan. Well, for letting her sort it out actually. This is very rare for me - usually I'm the instigator and organiser - so either she is very honoured or I am getting very lazy!

I give thanks my fistula is still buzzing away. Be warned, if you know me and I meet you I'll probably ask if you'd like to have a feel!

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