Monday, 16 April 2018

Hold tight

Today I can't - my hands, especially my left one, are way too sore. So I give thanks for all the good stuff I did yesterday contributing to this, and my right arm hurting too, a particularly tricky combination if you want to...well pretty much anything actually!

I give thanks for some lengthy hanging on to the phone for some important 'business' calls which really didn't help...and yes, I should have tried to do this hands free but it's no help thinking of that now! I had to go through some rather detailed medical history on one and I was very grateful when I could put away the rather distressing historical paperwork I had to unearth for that.

I give thanks for eventually getting some shoes and a jacket on afterwards as I'd missed lunch and thought a cuppa by the sea might be called for. I find dealing with serious stuff quite stressful and exhausting, so I give thanks I know a dose of nature can help me to unwind. I give thanks for the warm sunshine, though the bitter breeze meant I couldn't linger, and ended up taking a take away home. I give thanks the packaging was compostable...Rachel's coming later, maybe she has a compost heap it can go on!

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