Friday, 6 April 2018

Turn turn turn

Oh dear, I'm struggling a bit with gratitude at the moment, I'm sorry to say. There just seem to be too many clouds on the horizon and over my head to do the ray of sunshine thing. And it feels as if I should be better at the job by now which doesn't help either...

I give thanks for reminding myself that health and wealth are no sure fire sources of happiness, nor even being worry free. And conversely, of course, you don't have to feel downhearted if you lack's simply a matter of not wishing anything was any different from how it is. Simple, yes, but still hard.

I give thanks for still experiencing fleeting moments of pleasure, and remembering all pleasure is fleeting as anyhow, that's the way life is.

I give thanks for waking up from bad dreams to find they were not real.

I give thanks for delicious porridge this morning made with honey, cinnamon and cream. For having the ingredients...and being able to both stir the pot and wash it up afterwards.

I give thanks for hearing about other people's successes and joys and plans.

I give thanks for a plumber finally coming to fix my kitchen taps so they are turn off and onable again. I found the chap rather intrusively vocal and loud so I give thanks I could go and lie down with the duvet over my head to recover after he'd been!

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