Sunday, 15 April 2018

The wonder of you

There are things I regularly give thanks for (as well, of course, as those I don't!) One of them is being able to read, to readily translate those squiggles or patterns of pixels into information or ideas or entertainment.

I give thanks for reading about a teacher who couldn't and I found it a moving story, a handy reminder of what a precious skill this is, and of what a wonder the whole process is too...

Today I've been fighting a strong urge to move furniture around. Maybe I can't change the space I live in yet,  but perhaps I could change the way I live in that space in the meantime? The trouble is of course various surgeries I've had preclude heavy lifting and shifting, so I've had make do with some smaller scale reorganisation today. I give thanks for having the energy for this, plus some cleaning of murky corners...and for my right arm giving me mostly gentle reminders of what the limits are.

I give thanks for finishing the sewing I started yesterday...for sorting out MORE stuff for charity shops and recycling...and (not surprisingly) a bit of a nap on the sofa too!

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