Saturday, 7 April 2018

Weather with you

I give thanks Laura went to Morrisons yesterday...and sent me a message beforehand asking a) if I needed anything (yes please a pint of milk !) and b) if I'd like some of the vegetable curry she was making (yes please!). I'd already started making some lentil patties and was wondering what to have with them, and I give thanks I was able to send her back with a couple too.

I give thanks for a hearty supper then after a day of feeling too out of sorts to eat much. For a long bath with a good book (thank you Ann). I would probably be more contented if I could read novels more or less continuously but I feel my existence is pointless enough without resorting to paperback opiate abuse...

I give thanks for good progress in arm healing...particularly for being able to use cutlery again. For making a wide inroad into sorting out my fabric stash before the wound started reminding me it's not quite mended yet. When it seems you're stuck, or helplessly heading in a direction that feels all wrong, it's good to create a little order in an area you can control...though of course you usually also create an area of more chaos.

Today's been hard, feeling downhearted and restless but lacking motivation. I give thanks for thinking a walk in the wet might help...but then the sun came out and the bustling crowds. I give thanks for seeing people I know with visiting family members, and one of them not being too wrapped up in that to chat. For the puddles full of sand and sky. For a mug of tea and a toasted teacake to rest with before almost crawling back up the hill.

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