Thursday, 19 April 2018

Where're you walk

I give thanks for waking up bright and early (and not too sore) on a day with quite a bit to do...and even more going on in my head about what I'd like to, what I can't, might, mean to, meant to etc. I give thanks for forgetting it all for a moment and just being in the moment admiring the light and shadows across the room.

Unfortunately this all started so bright and early I fell asleep again after my morning cuppa and first bash at the chores, waking up the second time late and feeling short changed on both sleep and productivity. I give thanks for a good catch up nap in the late afternoon!

In between Mima and I had a trip out already planned - to an industrial estate... Not the best use of the glorious weather maybe but we did get lots of stuff to the recycling centre and failed to bring anything new or used home which is good for the planet and the pocket too! We also managed to munch most of a hearty cholesterol laden breakfast bap from a charmingly staffed and located van by a little river with nesting swans in the reeds (sorry vegan chums, but I have to now and then!) For discovering the interestingly textured seat we sat on was made with plastic bottles...

I give thanks on the way home (on the edge of another industrial estate!) finding the well hidden access to a pleasantly wooded and watery little place both of us had been to before but weren't sure how to get to. For an egret also wandering around though we were a few steps from a busy built up area. I love seeing egrets and herons, they always seem rather exotic and graceful birds for the UK! And I love seeing buds opening on the trees...

I give thanks for being taken out in a car... For getting out of the car... For being able to walk around a little and for being properly warm enough in the fresh air - such a rare treat for me with anaemia and a foreign travel ban!

I give thanks for turning on the local TV news this evening (something I only tend to do if the weather has been particularly unusual!) and seeing an item on a couple who walked the coast path for an unusual reason and with unusual health consequences. There's more about it here if it interests you...

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