Sunday, 29 April 2018

The last time

I give thanks I had just one task on my to do list today, as this was to defrost my deeply iced up freezer...and when it was done, that was me done in for the day! I give thanks that this could be the last time...maybe the last time, I don't know...

I use the steam from bowls of hot water to encourage the melting process and in between filling and emptying those (not down the sink to the blocked down pipe!) and gentle wielding of a palette knife, I stitched a few more squares together. So when the freezer was finally clear I had a couple more strips joined and pain in all manner of places,  but gave thanks for a feeling of productive satisfaction before I nodded off on and off in front of the TV.

I watched one of those police force programmes that show how often officers aren't catching criminals but dealing with casualties of alcohol and other drug abuse, domestic altercations and mental health issues. It makes me particularly sad to see so many people suffering and thinking drinking will make it better. I give thanks I managed to move beyond my somewhat misspent youth (by my early forties!) but then I grew up when bingeing en masse wasn't considered the normal way to behave and catered for in the way it is today...

I watched a documentary about Bill Cosby and gave thanks for the heartening realisation increasingly victims of those who are more likely to be believed are being listened to and not condemned, but there's such a long way to go, and the human race has been so called evolving for so long...and yet so many men in so many ways still think of others as prey.

I give thanks for the Woman in White. I was captivated by the Moonstone in my late twenties when I discovered how much more enjoyable the 'classics' were without some mind set teacher telling you how to read them. This adaptation has the most visually pleasing scenery, sets and wardrobe too!

I give thanks for Facebook showing me I have friends on a cruise, others who have been caving and someone else building a bridle path to their stables! I give thanks for being content with a bath and Midsomer Murders as that's as exciting as it's going to get for me...

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