Saturday, 12 August 2017

Turn turn turn

Um...gosh...tough one today (or five)...

I give thanks for Earl Grey tea in the morning, with toasted rye bread and butter...

For chivvying myself repeatedly, though not remorselessly, to keep moving beyond the lethargy and lack of motivation and find things I could convince myself I needed to do. Sometimes it really is a challenge for even the most inventive mind to find a point!

For finding out I'm not the only one sensing autumn in the air the last few days... though hopefully I am alone in finding the prospect deeply bleak. It's not that I don't love mists and fruitfulness and all the rest, it's other stuff about the turning season about which I feel less than mellow...

I give thanks that something I couldn't find and hoped I'd left in Mima's car the other night...was there and not lost in the woods! Perhaps I'll motivate myself and go and pick it up tomorrow, which would be good as I could maybe pick up some more Earl Grey teabags at the same time - stocks are getting scarily low!

I give thanks for a good book to read, though the fact I've finished it now probably adds to my being rather sad and dispirited. Sometimes when you come to the end of something you've really enjoyed it feels a bit like you've lost a friend, doesn't it?

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