Friday, 16 February 2018

All right now

My goodness me I felt rough this morning...I give thanks I feel a whole lot better now! Actually on the whole I give thanks I am beginning to feel considerably more like there is something serious the matter with me, as this makes it seem a lot less as if I am being driven towards dialysis without due care and attention.

I give thanks for a busy hour or two in the management management office which is cunningly concealed in my bed, before managing to boil an egg perfectly - something I very rarely successfully do! For a rather mild bright, gale free day to trek across town to collect meds, a parcel and a reserved book at the library and to take Mima a pint of milk so she could make me a cup of tea. For some really nice ginger biscuits from her little local shop.

I give thanks for my parcel not being silly big so I could stop and buy a Big Issue and could walk home via the therapeutic sea, ever more slowly as I made my way up the hill but rather absurdly proud of myself nonetheless. I give thanks for my new cutting kit. I don't know if the first cut will be the deepest but it will be the scariest that's for sure

I give thanks for making make it up as you go along spicy lentil patties for my tea, to go with couscous and the kind of over cooked veg any dietician other than a renal one would declare unfit for human consumption! Patties are definitely fit for it!

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