Friday, 9 February 2018

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I give thanks I didn't have breakfast at Tiffany's this morning...but for remembering the song anyway (and as I recall we both kinda liked it...)! I give thanks I didn't have to go anywhere but the kitchen for a slice of toast as even that seemed hard enough to force myself out from under the covers for.

I give thanks for being up and about by lunchtime as Mima had offered to take me out for a lunch at the tapas restaurant as an early birthday treat! (and I give thanks I can never have too much tapas if anyone else had it in mind to do that!) I give thanks for an early gift of a roll of homemade bread (thoughtfully cut in half so I don't have to) and a pretty plate from which to eat it, plus something to unwrap for the day...With Gary and Stephy's presents I now can make a little pile to look at and enjoy warm feelings from, an unusual but very enjoyable state of birthdayness for me.

I give thanks for managing to get my little gas heater to turn on in the bathroom - it's never willing and it's a milestone in wrist recovery that I felt able to try. I give thanks for a lovely deep bath to wallow in before the cold day became an even colder night.

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