Thursday, 22 February 2018

The long and winding road

I give thanks for having lots of energy and enthusiasm today

For remembering to put the roll I buttered last night into my bag this morning...and that I remembered to take it out again and put the filling in! For the sunlight bright on the rough and tumble sea and a window seat on the train

For undertaking a busy program of city centre shop scouring, something I can rarely face but which was passably possible through it being a quiet time of the day/week/year. One of the shops I'd wanted to actually buy things in was actually shut, and one I was pretty sure I did didn't actually stock the item, but hey ho, my bank balance didn't mind, nor my knees on the trek back from the bus stop.

I give thanks for the chance to catch glimpses of other lives, including an older lady explaining to a younger one that tea didn't always come in bags!

I give thanks the results of my last blood test remained undiscussed, though as this was because the consultant was distracted by finding my new fistula didn't seem to be working not really a good result either. I give thanks for filing away the disappointment and dismay to deal with nearer the time of the next dreaded attempt, and to use my hands to do things I enjoy as much as possible while I still can.

I give thanks for one of my favourite suppers - the sort I'm only supposed to have once in a blue moon now. Oh, happy taste buds and tummy!

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