Monday, 12 February 2018


Cold and tired and in a dark mood this morning, I gave thanks for the sunshine...not that it changed any of the above but it made it easier to stay out between having my blood taken and the viewing, rather than go down and up the hill twice and inevitably mess up my clean and tidy abode in the meantime.

I give thanks for only one failed attempt at getting the needle in before a successful one. For being recommended for local anaesthetic patches for the future to reduce my pain and fear of pain, and the stress and wasted time of the practice staff too I guess.

I give thanks for my bus pass...I spent a lot of time on buses this afternoon. I didn't spend long planning my route and might have enjoyed rather better if I'd stopped to think  which journeys were most likely to be popular with rowdy groups of school kids on holiday but hey ho, I probably need the practice at enduring being in the midst of folk I'd rather not be.

I give thanks for being home again and finally passable warm with a hot water bottle tucked into my back. For remembering to coax the TV box back into working but looks broken position after trying to create the impression the place isn't falling apart. Unlike the chap upstairs I don't find shouting at the aerial helps at all, just patient twiddling. Checking the channels were all present and correct I give thanks I came upon some slopestyle! Yes I know Koreans have eating habits we consider less acceptable than ours, but I *love* snowboarding, especially when it's girls doing it! Happiest I've been all day...

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