Friday, 23 February 2018

Catch the wind

Hmm... Songs for a blog title as I listen to the roar of the sea? I give thanks for remembering Donovan!

I give thanks for feeling well again today. For being in a creative mood with not too many pressing boring chores, or pains, so pottering about contentedly absorbed in various projects. My right arm still gets sore and but if they're going to chop it about again it's only going to get more so, so it's very pleasing to make some progress with this and that.

I give thanks for Jenny and Mima taking me out for a massive scone with jam and cream this afternoon at a nearby place with lots of snowdrops still...and scoop your own frozen food! Such a good idea as long as you can get it home quick enough, so not something I tend to do when I go there by bus. For glimpses of the very scenic sea...and gifts of flowers too!

I give thanks as this followed porridge for breakfast and pasta for lunch, even I can't imagine wanting to eat again this evening but I'm off to brave the chilly kitchen to make a hot water bottle. I give thanks for electricity, my heaters and hoodies and throws...

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