Tuesday, 27 February 2018


I've not had much today... I give thanks for reminding myself it doesn't matter! I give thanks for a medium lie in with a novel. It might have been longer if I hadn't come to a bit where the coroner's report said the victim wasn't drunk as had been thought, but incoherent because his kidneys had packed up! That made me put it down and put some clothes on instead. Let me know if you don't know what I'm on about, right? Well, if it's more than usual, you know...

The jury's out as to whether I'm l grateful for this or not, but I still like to feel I've achieved something with a day, and looking back I give thanks for deciding making kefir pancakes (nice, but would have been even better with maple syrup!), finishing stitching the metallic outline to my moon and hooking a few rows of rag rug was a passable tally.

I give thanks for the wonderful colours earlier this evening. I aso looking at the late sun dazzling on the windows opposite, the still blue sky and little puffs of cloud and thinking 'There's snow in that light'. And sure enough by the time I walked to other side of the building a large grey yellow mass was approaching with a few minutes' proper job blizzard for us. And then after that there were pink clouds and icing sugar rooftops and the lime of the mimosa blossom still bright as darkness fell.

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