Sunday, 25 February 2018

Here comes the sun

I give thanks for taking the plunge and cutting out pieces of sun today...and for thinking it looks pretty good! I give thanks for doing some couching too. For those not familiar with needlework terms this is a process that may well take place on upholstered furniture, but is actually an embroidery stitch! Clearly it's a very simple one as I simply can't see clearly nowadays...(and have never been very skilled at embroidery anyway) but it's not proving as hard as I feared it might be and is a soothing way to pass a chilly afternoon with a play on the radio and a plum crumble baking in the oven.

Tired today, I give thanks for not pushing myself very hard...but for ticking off everything on my short mental to do list anyway. For giving myself a bit of a mental workout working out a couple of crossword clues...and doing this the old fashioned way with a thesaurus and dictionary after being shocked to discover I'm well over my internet limit for this month already. Last month I was nowhere near using it all, so as I've not done anything else different I blame it on the Olympics being in a different time zone with very long catch up programmes to trawl through for what you want, and Windows 10 updating even though I keep asking it nicely not to... Oh well, I give thanks this spurred me into changing my pay as you go tariff and getting a better value mobile data bundle to help out.

I give thanks for the sunshine looking very pleasant, but staying cozy(ish) indoors... For the pastel pink sky fading to grey blue over the sea this evening. For just discovering a Midsomer Murders I don't remember at all is about to start and pressing 'record'...

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