Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Blue Sky

A funny thing happened this morning - I woke up and didn't feel pants! I didn't feel silk stockings and tiara mind you, but somewhere in between more comfortable and practical than I have experienced for a week. And yes, I gave lots and lots of thanks! This may have something to do with Ann's marvellous pillow spray in which my nose detected lavender and chamomile and something else new to me, maybe vetivert which I'm tempted to buy a bottle of to see!

I give thanks for putting this pleasantness to good use, and amongst other things, giving the living floor a good vacuum so I could have a proper play with the pieces for this wall hanging malarky. I'm still a bit scared to cut it, partly because though my arm is definitely improving operating scissors will cause some pain, and partly because if I did I'd probably want to start sewing too and and then there will be ironing and that's not very comfortable either...and drawing and cutting and pinning and more cutting...and hand sewing/embroidery too. But hey, doesn't the fabric look gorgeous? What a wonderful place to start... I give thanks for my creativity and all the pleasure it gives me.

Meanwhile, I give thanks for cleaning the bath, the basin and the loo, and putting my Tesco delivery (mostly) away. After that and some cooking, and clicking and scrolling on laptop and phone my arm is very making it very clear some serious stillness is required! I give thanks this can be done...

I give thanks my noisiest neighbour was out for a big chunk of yesterday evening, and that I don't know what time he came back as he creeps in so thoughtfully quietly. He's not a bad man, just a sad one who gets mad sometimes...poor chap. I wonder if he'd like to learn knitting?

I give thanks for looking for a song title for today's blog and finding this, which I don't ever remember hearing before, though to be fair if I did it would have been a very long long time ago!

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