Sunday, 4 February 2018

Watching the detectives

I give thanks I thought I might be going out for lunch with old friends today, but equally when they couldn't come I was quite grateful to stay late in bed! It's cold and the food I can eat and ways I can get it into my mouth are really rather limiting.

I give thanks for finally overcoming my weary wimpiness and going down to see the sea this afternoon, for the sea was particularly worth seeing today. I give thanks for remembering to take my phone to take a snap though it's still hard to hold it and touch the shutter button. There was the sharpest eastish wind so I didn't do much apart from go 'Oh, wow!' a couple of times, and admire the hardiness of the surfers and the sunlight on the white cliffs around the bay before staggering back up the hill...but to get outdoors is always such a blessing!

I give thanks for finally being satisfied with the positioning of fabrics recently bought for my wall hanging. Just arranging and rearranging them has been tiring for my wrist and I'll have to cut out cutting out for a while yet... I give thanks I'm getting more more important things done now though, like cooking and cleaning and household chores. I just have to rest my right arm plenty between times and still do as much as I can with my left.

I give for discovering not only is there a new series of Endeavour starting tonight but there's a new series of Shetland starting the week after next. I love the period detail in the first and the eye candy landscapes in the second...

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