Saturday, 17 February 2018

Woke up this morning

I give thanks for sleeping pretty soundly and, not only waking up comfortable, which is not common, but left my bed and went to the kitchen without sharp intakes of breath stiffness, staggering, stumbling, grumbling and groaning. It was only on the way back with a cuppa I realised all these things were missing - lush!

It didn't last of course...but I give thanks for, apart from more fatigue and dietary restrictions than I'd like, not feeling like a late stage kidney patient. For warm wet laugh in the bath with the (words of) Bill Bryson. For hearing from two separate people I have now known for almost two thirds of my life...both heart warning and brain warping that!

I give thanks for a beautiful morning...and that the sun went in in the afternoon as I kept feeling I 'ought' to go out but really didn't want to. For pottering about with numerous indoor chores of both the housework and handiwork variety instead. My operated on arm is still not back to full strength but is earning its keep again and has not only participated in changing fairly vigorous activities such as changing the bedding and vacuuming the carpet but also...(can you hear a faint drum roll?)...half a row of rag rug hooking!

For now having that Alabama 3 track in my head. Not a problem!

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