Monday, 5 February 2018

Living in a box

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I give thanks for the bits of my body that still work to some degree, and those of my home and life likewise... I give thanks for all the times I think I can fix stuff or situations, and all the times I think someone else can (and that they will!)

I give thanks I thought Rachel was coming today, apart from her very pleasant company, I don't know what I felt in need of more, the acupuncture or having my tea I also give thanks life has taught me to carry on without all manner of things I think I need and have a fine selection of leftovers in the fridge.

I give thanks for still having an appetite most of the time. And in the times when I feel seriously rubbish I give thanks for remembering feeling less like doing the things I actually can't is really a bit of a bonus too.

I give thanks the young woman trying to complete a phone questionnaire in what I suspect was not her first language gave up trying to understand how someone could have none of the appliances on her list - central heating boiler, storage heaters, coal fire, wood burner etc. But how do you heat your home? She kept asking. I have heaters I plug in. Ah, storage heaters! No!

I give thanks to keep the electricity bill manageable I also have a hot water bottle, a quilt to go over my legs and a hoodie (with hood up) to go over my already multi layered top half to get me through the ever increasing bits of the day when I'm still...

I give thanks for the ever decreasing bits when the grumpy chap upstairs is out. My conscious mind knows it's not aimed at me but the rest of me processes the shouting and swearing a few feet away as if it were...

I give thanks I've finished another 'Tricky Quick' puzzle and an 'Easy Cryptic' too

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