Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A good day to die

I give thanks my washer/dryer died today as next week, or even later in this one, would have made it much harder to sort out. Another time entirely would have been easier still, but still... I knew it wasn't well, I'd just hoped it could hang in there a bit longer. I give thanks I could find the money to pay for a new one, and I guess I should be grateful the situation also solved the conundrum of whether to splash some cash on booking some trip or treat for my birthday that the doctors might end up forcing me to cancel...as if I booked one now the bank manager would call it off instead! Not quite managed equanimity regarding that yet though...

I do give thanks unequivocally for the lovely chaps at Woolacotts who found and will bring me a new machine on Thursday. I also give thanks that a second ultra cosy thermal top bought on line yesterday arrived today as the other one's still mucky and wet til then...and that I wasn't trying to change the colour of anything which I'd planned to do before getting a new machine. It definitely wouldn't have been a good day to dye!

I give thanks for my electric blanket, not only warming the sheets before I get in bed at night, but warming them again for when I come back to it with a cup of tea in the morning. I give thanks for using this facility in the very early hours when acupuncture and an active mind kept me awake very late. I give thanks to Rachel for the treatment and the good it did me, as well as a good conversation about important things like philosophy and fabric crafts, yoga breathing and baked beans!

I give thanks for feeling much stronger than yesterday which was particularly useful in the circumstances with baling out and mopping up to be done. Before the angels came for the washing machine I'd just stripped my bed ready to turn the mattress which for some reason was about ten times easier than it's ever been before...clearly that therapy hit the spot. Oh and I've just realised no one rang me to tell me how ill I am after all. Always a bonus I find...

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