Monday, 29 January 2018


I give thanks I made it to knitting. I didn't actually knit but it was a quiet session so there weren't too many pairs of productive hands to make me envious. I give thanks for reserved books being ready, a cup of tea made for me and there only being chocolate biscuits available so that I had no choice but to have one!

I give thanks for Jenny giving me a lift, stopping on the way so I could drop off my sewing machine for a 'health check'... and that she stopped to check the shop was open before she drove off, as it wasn't! I give thanks she offered to keep it in her boot and try again tomorrow.

I give thanks for the council chap coming to check out the leaky bits, saying if I emailed the 'managers' about it again (yawn) he'd chase up with a phone call to them.

I give thanks for more mobility in my arm...and a lovely long period of immobility in the bath when I got home.

I give thanks for preparing plans to take a trip to seek out more fabric for the sewing I plan to do.

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