Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Never mind

I give thanks for the festive Never Mind the Bakeoff East 17 pastiche making me chuckle. No, I know that's not its name but with Noel Fielding in it really should be!

For Sainsbury's frozen soya mince which I've never bought before, and may not buy again as there's not one nearby, but which proved to be remarkably tasty even cooked the dreary renal way without tomato, mushroom, yeast/vegetable extract or any kind of stock!

I give thanks for a response from the council man regarding the roof. Predictably he asked if I'd been in touch with the freeholder and if I could get anyone else to empty buckets. Sigh. He did say he'd try come and have a look though...

I give thanks for Mima agreeing to brave driving in the wind to see about ordering her new kitchen tiles and for me to pick up a hand blender. Unfortunately the Argos where we were going was out of stock of any I'd buy and while we were looking (successfully but rather slowly) elsewhere the cafe we wanted to go to shut. I give thanks for some remarkably nice cake in a sort of repurposed pub doing proper teas and coffees, pizza, breakfasts, salads - the lot - with alcohol as an optional extra. A little strange...but very pleasant.

I give thanks I might be able to get gonged tomorrow. It's not certain yet, depending on a number of variables including weather and whether I feel energetic enough to go to the next town in the evening but even the thought that I might be able to is something to enjoy.

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