Monday, 1 January 2018

Not enough

Though I'm not a fan of needles and 'procedures' and the trek to the hospital and back I give thanks I'm booked for some intravenous iron next week to boost my low ferritin. Maybe I'll feel a bit less feeble, not needing quite so much sleep and so many naps in between...

I give thanks for tiring myself out in a nice way today, going for a drive/walk with Mima in some 'spacious acres'. Top marks for the marketing team I think, don't you? For the weather holding up, for the supermarket having good bread and a slicing machine, and for the comfiest armchairs for a cup of tea in a pub with picture frames wrapped in Christmas paper.

I give thanks for listening to an interview with someone who delivers aid to refugees reminding me of the fluidity of our concepts of 'enough' and 'good enough', how we have one set of standards for ourselves and a sliding scale for other people - usually those we're closest to emotionally being perceived as nearest to ourselves in worthiness. I seem to mostly rank quite low in other people's eyes, often being told they are supposed to have bigger/better/more etc because they've 'worked for it'...but this has been going on since before I was of working age and doesn't seem to apply to money or comforts that don't come from wages per se, so there's more to it than that.

Oh well, I give thanks for working on trying to understand the world and the ways of people in it. For trying to see beyond the subtle caste systems in our heads. It may not be considered to be of enough value but it's all that I can do.

I give thanks for managing to empty the full container of rainwater this morning without spilling it. Maybe I've not worked hard enough to have a roof that doesn't leak, or a roof that leaks is good enough for me? Hmm... I'll have to think about that.

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