Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sofa so something

I give thanks for dreaming last night I had a wonderful friend who took me on adventures. We were struggling a little to pitch a tent on sand as the dusk gathered in some far flung place and she was saying how much she worried about me and all the danger I was in. And I replied we were all in danger all of the time, emphasising how much I appreciated her helping me have such marvellous experiences but also myself for making sure I enjoyed them the best I could.

And then I woke in the dark in lots of pain wishing it was true! I've had a lot of bad dreams lately but you know it's the good ones that mostly cause me the most grief. I give thanks for trying to be grateful instead.

So much of my life I've not felt safe, some situation or someone always seeming ready to do me harm. I give thanks for all the solace and joy I've found in nature... in seas and trees and skies and mountains, in colour and shape and sound and light. For learning to find the wonder in the mundane and the little marvels in the everyday. For books for escapism, entertainment and education. For the far-flung places I've been on film or TV screen.

For all the people I have loved, and for loving myself failings and failures and all. For giving and forgiving and trying to be kind.

I give thanks for sofas. I've only owned one new one ever, but I've inherited a few and slept on a few of other people's when I've not had a home ... And I've had futons when my bed and sofa has had to be the same thing. Now I just have an old single bed in the living room, as I don't have a spare bedroom and never seem to have enough spare cash to buy one (second bedroom or sofa haha!) I give thanks I've finally finished its 'makeover' with new cushions and covering. I give thanks for my creativity and ability to make comfortable homeliness in small spaces and with little outlay. It may not look like much in the picture but it feels rather sumptuously *slumptuous* to me!

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