Friday, 12 January 2018

It's catching!

I give thanks for buying a little bunch of daffs to brighten the place up for the viewing tomorrow, as now the viewing's been postponed, due to illness at the agents', I have them to brighten the place up for me! In a week of twists of fortune and bad dates with fate, this change was actually rather a relief as I was late back from town after trying to sort out missing prescriptions and missing doctors to sign quite grateful about not having to start wielding the vacuum straight away. I give thanks for being able to relax for a while and catch up with myself instead.

I give thanks for finding some food to eat without a lot of effort and some recorded TV to mask the sounds of the folk next door coughing. Poor things - sounds like at least two of them have the plague!

I give thanks for an interesting 'incidental' chat with my nice dentist...For making the staff laugh at the surgery...

For a singing tree of invisible birds when I got close to home...

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