Thursday, 11 January 2018

Wash day news

My goodness I am tired this evening after another very necessarily physical day. I give thanks for all the moving and getting under and behind, and a start on the putting back. Someone asked me earlier if I'd noticed any difference from yesterday's iron infusion and I initially said no, but I've done so much and actually it's a different sort of exhaustion from the one when you feel your heart is just going to give maybe I do and I give thanks for that! With my op still scheduled for Monday and a viewer due on Saturday there's still a lot more to get done before I can be long may it continue..

I give thanks as a result of my efforts not only were unusually exposed areas available for cleaning today but the washing machine delivery guys were able to get in and out and through my flat with no problems, though the stupid sticky door/carpet downstairs caused some trouble. I give thanks for their carrying of the heavy objects, fitting and removal of the packing - the latter a very useful part of the service when you share communal bins and don't want to be the one filling them with polystyrene!

This is only the second new washing machine I've ever had in my life and they've got a bit scary and space age in recent years so I give thanks for finally taking the plunge and starting to put it through its paces with the waiting wet laundry...hopefully over time it will 'settle in' and not try to head back out the building in the last stages of its spin!

I give thanks as I write this someone is on the stairs trying to fix the dodgy lighting. Woohoo! Maybe they meant it about fixing the roof too...

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