Thursday, 4 January 2018

You can do magic

Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the pain. I give thanks Carole King did it better...and that I didn't have anything requiring me getting moving sooner. Including rain. And that when I finally got myself up and about enough to attend to those arrangements only the uppermost container was overflowing...and the overflow one had caught a fair bit of that.

I give thanks for Charlotte downstairs forwarding an email from the new building manager saying scaffolding will be going up soon. Am I convinced? Haha... Not so much but it's just lovely having someone else on the case.

I give thanks for Sally confirming someone could give me a lift back to town here after gongs this evening. It was much easier for me when there was an afternoon session, more buses, daylight etc but I'm sure the somewhat daunting task of getting myself and the essentials there staying warm and dry on the way will seem more than worth it during and after....

I give thanks for 'allowing' myself a loll in front of the TV to conserve some energy and enthusiasm after I'd done essential chores...even though is was still daylight and not still Christmas either. Cracks me up - 90% dead and still wondering of it's OK to have a bit of a sit down now and then...

I give thanks for the second of the Royal Institute lectures including a raven solving a complicated puzzle live in the auditorium and a daughter with electrodes on her head in another part of the building thinking about one of two colours on left or right while her mother picking up signals from electrodes on her arms to say which one. Ten out of ten times right apparently - ah, you gotta love science sometimes eh?

I give thanks for my new blender whipping me up a calorie laden snack before departure as I'll be out for teatime but won't be out for tea...

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