Friday, 19 January 2018

Use less

I give thanks for lovely sunshine and no howling gales so I could get a small load of laundry done and on the rack in front of an open window while I huddled by a heater at the other side of the building. I give thanks for my new washing machine having a very quick cycle...and for any opportunity to limit use of its tumble drying facility!

It's not been a day when at first glance it's been easy to be grateful so I've been trying to remember to appreciate my good fortune that things are not worse than they are.

For some reason my neighbour's not been able to help with the overflowing leak buckets so I give thanks there's not been more rain...and for managing to make a bit more room in them for when there is with a ladle and a jug. For being able to ring the surgical supplies company and rant about the driver not ringing to let me know he was here, so that though I couldn't receive my delivery I could at least let off steam constructively.

I give thanks for finishing compiling a new crossword and looking forward to sharing it to maybe give someone else a few minutes entertainment but the software says my username is already in use (by me!) and won't let me re-register to upload with it...

For realising the phone call I did get (about a lawsuit from HRMC) was a scam. It's so sad there are so many people thinking up and working at these, let alone for those that get caught out by them. I had a lot of pain today, not just in my arm, and felt so useless not being able to do much but lie on the sofa snoozing with books and TV, so I thought to give thanks at least I wasn't trying to do harm...until I started feeling bad about the amount of health service resources I've used over the last few years.

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