Saturday, 20 January 2018

Private conveniences

I give thanks I don't have a hairstyle, and that I fixed my shower head a while back so a half handed hair wash today leaning over the bath wasn't any more complicated than it needed to be. I give thanks for conditioner and an afro comb.

I give thanks for the glimpses of sea and coastline through the bare trees while I rested my poor sore purple and yellow arm before the next challenge of dressing. The view made me want so much to get out of town but I give thanks at least I managed to get into town and pick up a few bits and bobs I could carry, cut up and cook.

I give thanks for our local health food shop stocking fresh organic turmeric and ginger. One of the staff was just ringing up some Taifun tofu for herself and I said 'Ooh I didn't know you sold that!'. Apparently it has to be ordered in but as the lady buying it was also cooking for one and neither of us had tried this flavour before she offered to cut it in half so we both could have some! I give thanks that I live here...

With still no sign of the help with buckets and heavy rain forecast so I give thanks after more ladling eventually I'd emptied the bottom one enough to carry, and the top one enough to be able to lift using my left hand for the strain and my right just to balance and steer. I enjoyed the bit when I thought I didn't have to do this on my own...but as it seems I have to I give thanks I've found a way I can.

As dental hygiene is somewhat problematic with two limp wrists I also did a little tour of chemists looking for mouthwash offers. I give thanks just before I succumbed to one in Boots a distant memory of a voucher stirred in my brain... and later I was grateful to eventually track it down and dig it out from where it had fallen down the back of the bookcase ready for next time.

I give thanks so many simple day to day tasks are painful and painfully slow at the moment. This makes it easier to put up with not being able to do anything creative or constructive in between.

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