Tuesday, 30 January 2018

I am the passanger

It's a big country. I give thanks I got to see a little more of it today. Not as much as I'd hoped to, but though I woke much too early and in too much pain to get back to sleep again, the promising sun after dawn pulled the clouds back over its head and the prettily frosted winter countryside gradually disappeared into murk and rain. I give thanks for the dark silhouetted bare trees against the mist and the light green lichen covered ones standing out against the brown of woods behind. For the sense of going somewhere, even though it was just there and back. I know there are people who are quite happy not to, but for me, no matter how I try to see the same old things in newly appreciative ways, nothing beats seeing different horizons.

I give thanks I packed a picnic. Although (barring landslides) on even the most remote lines in Scotland they understand you'll need a cup of tea and a Tunnock's wafer brought to your seat, the not so great Western railway companies seem to assume you can keep going for hours on the pasty you have about your person every time you venture out.

I give thanks for patience during a long delay, and an even longer poor 'connection', with travelling companions on the whole I'd have preferred to be without, including a whole carriage of high octane freshly unleashed school kids on the final leg of my journey.  For a lessening of aches and pains as the hours passed, and when getting home from the station brought them all back again, for my electric blanket making my bed cosy enough to snuggle back into by the time I'd made a cup of tea. It's the first time I've been properly warm and comfortable since I left it this morning. I give thanks the effort and expense was more than well worth it though - not only did I satisfy my soul with some travel but I picked up some perfect fabric to satisfy my creative urges too!

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