Monday, 15 January 2018

One hand clapping

I give thanks for a posh bus to the hospital for my op today...comfy leather seats, good suspension and free wifi so I could start writing this post while both hands are operational(ish).

I give thanks for a beautiful day, though a little showery to leave the buckets knowing I'll not be able to empty them later.  For a quest to see snowdrops rewarded (crocuses too!), rainbows in the sky and flocks of geese in the fields.

I give thanks for Julie being free at short notice to pick me up afterwards when Laura woke up with her back too bad to drive. For the hospital staff not driving me completely mad...and vice versa...and that though the surgery didn't go as smoothly as planned, it proceeded with patience and good humour on all sides and we are cautiously optimistic it has worked this time.

I give thanks for being home with a Higgedy pie in the oven and a plan to do very little except eat, read and sleep and watch recorded TV for the next couple of days. Although not major surgery under general anaesthetic, the physical trauma and stress of the awareness while it's going on can leave you pretty exhausted for a while.

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