Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Working it out

I give thanks for planning a lazy day. My main kidney symptom so far is the need for lots of sleep (which I'm also grateful for - it could be so much worse!) so I thought I'd start with a long lie in...and then tackle washing my hair, washing up and getting some of the debris off the kitchen floor. And by then my arm would be hurting too much to do much else for the rest of the day but rest...

I give thanks for Laura scuppering this plan somewhat by wanting to come round and visit. But she brought flowers and milk and it was lovely to see her...and I was very grateful she did some vacuuming too! I gave great thanks she too offered to take me somewhere for my birthday, though the place we decided would be an excellent choice is shut for the winter so will be something to look forward to...not at all a bad thing.

I give thanks for some on line chat with other folk, and a tentative arrangement to meet up with one in a couple of weeks but...after the typing and a smidgen of housework... first my right arm became too painful and then my left began to seize up too so that has to be pretty much all I have to say. I must be very still for a while and think very hard of something I'm allowed to eat that won't be too hard to make for tea...

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