Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A little more conversation

I give thanks I managed to fight my way into a jar of pesto and a can of tuna for my tea as all that surprising strength I'd been putting to good use baling out and mopping up ran out just about the time the hunger kicked in! And oh my goodness I was grateful I've not got stitches yet and could have a proper soak in the bath before resting on my turned and flattened mattress...

The buses to the hospital and back were very busy give thanks for finding unshared window seats both ways. For remembering to be pleased for the chatteriest elderly lady in front of me on the first one who clearly didn't make the journey often and gave a running commentary on what she could see and what she thought about it to her companion...and for Imee Ooi's Chant of Metta in my ears to facilitate tolerance. For Imee Ooi's Om Mani Padme Hum facilitating restraint on the return journey when I sat behind a chap with the silkiest looking grey hair, cut short but long enough to creep over the turned up collar of his charcoal wool coat. The urge to reach out and stroke both was almost overwhelming!

I give thanks for the lovely (new to me) sister in renal anaemia getting the infusion into my blood stream without too much damage and for being a very pleasant conversational companion to boot. For seeing one or two patients having dialysis who didn't look half dead already, which is always encouraging, although one appeared to be completely covered by a coverlet, face and all...which was not!

For passing this scene. Ratty little terriers aren't my favourite canine type but this one seemed to have a point to make!

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