Monday, 8 January 2018

Down but not quite out

Despite wearing two pairs of gloves to the doctor's today, the few remaining permitted access points for the drawing of blood withdrew themselves from service and it was a protracted and painful process. Oh well I give thanks I tried, and tried to put the poor soul tasked with its gathering at her ease. It's not much fun for them either you know! I'd not been feeling very bright all day and I give thanks for her kindness and quick thinking when it felt as if she'd drained all my blood when she'd finally succeeded, as I was so woozy and faint I had to give in to her recommendation to lie down. Next time we'll have you lying down first, she suggested...but I said waiting til I'd actually fainted would be best for me then I'd know nothing about it!

I give thanks for recovering and meeting one of my nice neighbours (sadly soon due to move) on the way out so we could have a bit of a chat in front of the tumbling waves on the churning brown sea.

I'm not going to give thanks there was a Big Issue seller on the street as it would be nice if no one had to drop so far down the ladder of life, but I do give thanks for that bottom rung for them to try to pull themselves up again, and that I always try to be willing to offer a hand with the £2.50 when I can. Today I had no change and neither did he, so I waited by his pile of papers and blanket wrapped dog while he went to a cafe to get some...and then a lady came to try and buy a Big Issue off me! I give thanks for the wake-up call regarding my sense of sartorial style...

I give thanks for a long lie down when I got home, grabbing a quick lunch on the way so that when the phone rang I was ready to do battle with anyone who said I needed more tests. I've more needles to contend with on Weds and unless they break in and drag me out before then that will be quite soon enough for me...I give thanks it was actually Laura calling to sort out arrangements for next week, bless her!

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