Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Fair cop

I give thanks this week's Book at Bedtime - How to Stop Time beautifully written by Matt Haig, beautifully read...and with beautiful music at the beginning and end as well. For watching the 100 Foot Journey last night. Don't often do romance/happy family films but this was also about acceptance of difference...and cooking!

I give thanks for keeping on trying to stick to my kidney diet though when I'm low in spirits I find it especially hard as all my favourite comforting flavours are banned, or only allowed in frustrating taste awakening mouthfuls. I give thanks for managing to stay, if not what you'd call warm, at least not shivering cold - there's a lot of wind comes in that hole as well as a lot of water and my body is missing the insulating effects of chips and cheese and chocolate!

I give thanks for the young lady downstairs responding to my note by coming up to offer assistance with the leak, emptying buckets and getting on to the people who should be sorting out mending it. It made me emotional in a glad way instead of a sad way to think I might not have to be the only one dealing with it all any more. I give thanks for discovering she's a police officer - makes me feel a bit safer too!

I give thanks for getting a letter to the new managers written and posted as I've a horrible feeling if the council chap responds he'll say we have to write the last two years off and start all over again by starting off informing them of the problem.

I give thanks for realising all those people who go on about what they 'deserve' are just voicing their own discourses of self justification and I should try not to let them get to me. As for the ones who tell me what I don't, whether they're looking for the quick hit of a put-down, the slow glow of smug comparison, or genuinely believe I need to know the ways in which they think I fail, I think I should try to find more compassion for them because none of those seem healthy or helpful to the judger or the judged.

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