Thursday, 14 June 2018

Everything stops for tea

I give thanks for a nice cup of tea in the morning. Even though I have to make it myself there is so much to be grateful for - clean water, a pretty mug, electricity to power the kettle and fridge, the mobility to get to the kitchen to prepare it and a comfy bed to bring it back to!

I give thanks for a long lie in today and then a few relatively energetic hours during which I made some soup for later, sorted out some stuff for charity shops and did a bit of joining the patchwork to the back. And after that? I gave thanks for a lovely nap!

I give thanks for watching the police clearing more undergrowth and rubbisb down by the bins and parked vehicles. I'm not sure what they're looking for but (sad I know) I keep hoping they'll find it within sight of my kitchen window... I give thanks I don't have to try and park a car in the mess they've left.

I give thanks for watching the Pursuit of Happyness, one of those rare films I actually wanted to see as soon as it was released, but never managed to. I recorded it from TV a couple of years back but had to get a new box before I got round to playing it back. Well worth waiting for...

I give thanks for it dawning on me as I can't find lamp bases in the shape I prefer at I price I can afford to replace some old and scruffy ones...I could actually have a go at doing up the ones I have. I give thanks it took so long to think of this as I have so many other craft projects on the go...but that I thought of it before giving in and getting new lamps I don't really like!

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