Sunday, 10 June 2018

How long

I can do very nicely without knights in any kind of armour thank you, but if one could pop by and serenade me that would be just fine! I always forget how much I love the sound of a lute (because, let's face it, in the average day you don't some across them a great deal any more do you?) but last night I watched a programme on Channel 5 and was astounded by the length of the neck of the instrument some guy in costume was (allegedly) playing in the in betweeny sponsorship bits. The mini ads for cars, chairs river cruises etc etc are wasted on me but an instrument is interesting, even if seriously out of my league... In fact I didn't ever remember seeing or hearing one of these before and so I give thanks for the internet for informing me it was a therobo...and providing this utter delight! It reminds me of a Celtic harp, only a few octaves deeper. Someone should write some music for the two together - immediately!

I give thanks for being, if not lively, at least a little more capable of human life these last twenty four hours, catching up to some extent with the backlog of domestic chores. For making some tasty, if simple things to eat. For finding some potential wedding dress material for Laura on line. For seeing Nadal get cramp in his hands - not that I wanted him to suffer, but that's the second time I've seen someone get it on TV and in a bizarre way it's kind of reassuring to see it in action in someone else because it's actually rather freaky when it happens to you and your fingers seize up in a spasm.

Oh and I give thanks for seeing a clip of Maureen on Driving School. If you watched the series many moons ago that will be all you need to know. Bless her, one of the few adults even less suited to be in charge of a vehicle than me!

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