Thursday, 7 June 2018

Hey good lookin'

Oof! I could have done with a rest day today so I give thanks having to prepare for some pleasant non-medical outings coming up was the reason for not flopping about as much as I might have preferred to.

I give thanks for putting together some picnic nibbles for tomorrow when, all being well, Laura's taking me for a bit of a day out. To say I was cooking would be pushing it a bit, but I made some feta pastries from ready rolled pastry and chopped up pepper etc, heated up some part baked fruit bread and falafels, and opened a tin of stuffed vine leaves... I give thanks for 'alternative' convenience food and for the convenience of only being averagely clumsy!

These tasks had had to be fitted into afternoon as tonight (if I can stay awake to get the bus... and get off it!) I'm going for a gong bath, and methinks I'll not want to get up any earlier than I have to in the morning, I give thanks for making some granola for tomorrow's breakfast though so I will want to get up in time for that...

I give thanks though I'm very tired, and everything seems to be taking far too much time and effort, I've not been in a lot of pain today

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