Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Get back

I give thanks for sleeping better last night... Most of the things I have the matter with me conspire against this happening, and my body and mind are very grateful when they enjoy a few recuperative joined up hours...

I give thanks for joining up the last of the pieces of my patchwork too...and, having rearranged the living room, that there's enough floor space to spread it out on the backing ready to sew. I know it's nothing special as patchwork goes, but as handicrafts get harder (along with everything else) the bar gets set ever lower, so I've actually rather impressed myself (so far...there's still plenty could go wrong!)

I give thanks for the stoic Tesco delivery driver who had to run the gauntlet of a money off voucher if I bought more stuff, plus a lot of my favourite heavy stuff being on special offer. I give thanks for cupboards, fridge and freezer bursting with yummy things...

I give thanks I made some dahl this morning too so, rather exhausted now from a bit of grovelling on the floor, sitting at the sewing machine and putting the shopping away, my tea is almost ready when I can get off my butt to heat it up.

I give thanks for a letter volunteered by my consultant to pass on to the decision making powers, explaining my unsuitability for anything much beyond sympathy...but thoughtfully worded in such a way so as to not make me feel any worse about it than I already do. Don't know if it will help but much appreciated..

I give thanks for Gary suggesting a trip out sometime to watch him play with his new drone camera in some suitable nearby scenery. Sounds good to me!

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