Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Smooth operator

Leading an increasingly solitary life, I give thanks the croaky voice I get when I start speaking after a few days silence can result in me sounding quite pitiful on the phone and may have helped smooth over some of the conveyancing related conflicts that make the vendors of the flat I want to buy make their estate get cross with me. Like I'm not hassling the solicitor enough or something. Seriously? Sigh...

I give thanks for some new 97% natural hair conditioner on special offer at Boots. No it doesn't make me look like the women in adverts because they have hairdressers to do unnatural things to their hair...but it does smell rather lovely!

I give thanks for watching from my kitchen window as a large dragonfly flitted about the bins...and for trying not to watch too much as I walked past the suited up police team still rummaging around outside.

I give thanks for a friendly chat with my favourite GP about Uniqlo Liberty dresses (we both have them), chakra necklaces (she's lost hers) and the foibles of the patient mentality, even fitting in a brief discussion about my foot which she thinks is probably beset with arthritis. I'll settle for that, plus the recommendation of Tiger Balm. She always says I'm Teflon but even Teflon can get scratched...

I give thanks for not being a snooze operator until I got home, despite much need and temptation in the form of some new sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases I've been collecting to go with my new patchwork bedspread. It's taking so long to finish the latter that I decided to start using the former anyway and they are soooo soft and silky!

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