Thursday, 29 March 2018

After the thrill is gone

Well now, while I'm  hanging around with two working arms I might as well start on today's blog post.

I give thanks for some fragments of sleep during the short night... For getting so wet on the way to the bus and so cold on it I was almost pleased to be here (at first)...

And later...

I give thanks for the theatre staff being kind, helpful... and capable of intelligent conversation! For giving it a go without the full arm block. For myself for putting up with the various discomforts and fears...and at the end hearing them say it had worked with more confidence than I'd heard before.

And later still... Feeling the thrill (as they call the vibration of the two way bloodstream for myself. It made me cry... But in a very good way!

I'm now on an inpatient ward though I feel
I don't completely need to be...gasping for a cuppa (yes I have asked) listening to ladies swapping amputation horror stories.  I'm still grateful of  course... Our health service is wonderful but right now if I can't be home looking after myself I need to be served!

And later..

I give thanks someone finally brought me a jug of water. And some sort of food. They didn't have any renal diet meals spare so I had to have some other less kidney friendly mush. It all tastes of nothing but I was hungry enough to gratefully wolf it down... I'd go to the shop or cafe but I might miss a round of tea!  I'm sure I can hear cups rattling...

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