Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Material girl

I give thanks for the pretty light at the end of the day, almost like a summer's evening.

I give thanks for learning a new trick - if you have leftover cooked vegetables, a few chunks of frozen fish and some sort of curry paste you can make a spicy fish 'stew' in about 10 mins. Very nice too!

I give thanks for playing about with my cut out squares and ideas for a slight pattern. Originally I'd thought I'd like a random arrangement but now I've decided to do simple blocks centred round the fabric with a white background. Exact colourways and placing yet to emerge...but I had the pieces lying on the bed for a while yesterday, and every time I went in there I thought 'Ooh, that looks nice!', which is handy as its meant to end up a bed cover, though not a quilt.

I give thanks for less aches and pains today, thus being better able to hobble about in and out getting things done. For the blue of the sea and sky (some of the time) and sitting still with a cup of tea to enjoy it.  For spotting a man and his dog in a doorway for a rather long time and remembering to be grateful for the home I have despite its drawbacks and imperfections. For being very hungry, as this means I can eat lots and maybe not mind (so much) being half starved tomorrow. I give thanks for having plenty to eat...

I give thanks for all the good news I see on Facebook. Of course there's always the grumblers and the woe is me stuff, but I love to hear about people's happinesses - their holidays and home improvements, gardens growing and good things going on with grandchildren and pets and partners. I like to think I'm quite good at empathy, or at least imagining myself in another's situation, so when I read about stuff I would enjoy having or doing I can in a way in my head...

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