Thursday, 22 March 2018

Things can only get better

I give thanks for a very therapeutic visit from Rachel, catching up with snow stories, home spun philosophy and knitting patterns, eating lots of comfort food and (for me) some very welcome acupuncture with special attention to my knees, which have been a lot less sore today.

I give thanks for dreaming I was in Shetland. I would dearly love to be there ine day... But in the meantime I thoroughly enjoyed thinking that I was.

I give thanks for getting going earlier than I wanted to be, to be ready to meet the courier on the doorstep with my supplies...and for my confirmation letter re next week being there too. They have altered the pre-op instructions on this one to something far more reasonable given the anaesthetic I might have. I'd been rather aggrieved to hear originally they expected me to be virtually nil by mouth from midnight when it was only my arm that was going to sleep...the following afternoon! Now I can have tea and toast before 7. Much better!

I give thanks for declaring today a day of rest and doing lots of delicious dossing around. We all live in a world of uncertainty. Things can only change, whether we perceive the changes as for the better or not...let alone the waiting to find out what the changes will be, or the surprise when we discover a change when we'd allowed ourselves to believe some situation would stay the same. It keeps you on your toes but that can get a bit wearying sometimes, and it's can be good to retreat and regroup awhile...

I give thanks that this time last week I was on my way to spring...

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