Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Feeling hot hot hot

No, I haven't got the flu...my new heater has come! I can't actually try it out for a few mins yet as the oil has to settle after turning it upside down to put the wheels on, but I'm grateful it looks the part. And yes...this post could have been called Wheels on Fire but I do like my apostrophes you know... I give thanks there's another cold spell coming to make it money we'll spent. I love these warmer days but winter's not given up on us yet I think...

I give thanks coincidentally Laura came by today and was able to take the borrowed one away. She also brought a pretty bunch of daffodils, an offer of help with hospital transport...and the news she is getting married! I give great thanks for her happiness and good fortune in finding such a lovely chap as he seems to be...

I give thanks for managing to get the important stuff done despite being very tired today. I'd planned a mostly rest day but it wasn't meant to be, and with all the bustling about I decided I might as well go out in the spring sunshine and get the jobs done in town I had intended to do tomorrow... and do some resting then instead. I give for starting already with a long flop on the sofa... Leftovers and toast for tea for me I think when I can be bothered to move.

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