Sunday, 4 March 2018

Surf's up!

Well, it was... and though messy it was wavy on the sea not on the land so people could enjoy riding on boards and people could enjoy watching them. I give thanks for the mostly blue sky and it being mild enough for skin not to match...and for being out at Eastcliff enjoying a cuppa with Mima at the time.

I give thanks for feeling much healthier than over the last few days. I was beginning to think it might be the beginning of the end...but I've come to the conclusion my body must run on diesel and when it gets too cold it simply doesn't...

I give thanks for a natter with a neighbour about repairs. Apparently we no longer have even a mismanaging management company to carry them out,  but he's going to see if he can get a poky thing to unblock the downpipe from my kitchen window. For a surprisingly successful hunting and gathering trip to a not very well stocked Waitrose, getting my hands on unlikely items such as a still warm fresh baked rye loaf, cream, cress and (by removing many jars of different stuff to rummage at arm's length right at the back of the shelf) butter chicken paste - which I use for all sorts of things, but not butter chicken!

I give thanks for a lift back up the hill...and that I was home and dry, if still not properly warm, when the heaviest hailstorm started.

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